Our Therapists


Dr. Julie Lindner, EdD, LPC, NCC

Dr. Lindner earned her Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology degree from Argosy University Salt Lake City and also holds a Master of Science (M.S.), Mental Health Counseling/Counselor degree from the University of Phoenix. She is currently licensed as a Licensed Professional Counselor and is working on obtaining her license as a Clinical Psychologist. She specializes in children, adolescents and adults and provides individual, group and family therapy.

Dr. Lindner is a veteran of the US Air Force and has a special interest in working with the military community. She has extensive training and experience in the treatment of trauma, attachment issues, autistic spectrum and behavioral disorders. In addition, Dr. Lindner has experience in the area of substance abuse and dual–diagnosis, as well as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders.

Her military experience has allowed her to work with individuals from very diverse backgrounds, which is why she understands that each individual is unique and does her best to modify each intervention to meet the individual needs of her clients. She has a passion to help others, as evident by her life of service. She believes that people heal when they feel safe. It is her hope to make each patient feel safe, valued and heard in an environment void of any judgement.

Dr. Lindner understands that when we can heal and feel better, we have a greater opportunity to feel more balanced, become better individuals, better parents, and better partners. Her approach is to treat everyone with respect and compassion; to help them gain the insight that they need to heal emotionally and feel secure and confident.


Dr. Sharlaine Ortiz, Ph.D.


English Version:

Dr. Ortiz earned her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology which is focused on severe mental illnesses. She specializes in Forensic Psychology (correctional, military, law enforcement, and legal fields). She earned a Master of Science (M.S.) in Applied Psychology. Dr. Ortiz’s experience includes the area of depression, anxietydisruptive disorders, and LGBTQ+.  

She is also fluent in English and Spanish.  

Dr. Ortiz is a combat veteran of the US Army. In this setting, her focus was in identifying hostile behaviors for intelligence. While in this role, Dr. Ortiz had the privilege to work with Middle Eastern, Eastern European, and Hispanic populations. This work provided inclusion within diverse populations.  

Under supervision, her approach includes that of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy along with Client-Centered, Solution-Focused Therapy. 


Versión en español:

La Dra. Ortiz obtuvo su Doctorado en Filosofía (Ph.D.) en Psicología Clínica el cual está enfocado en enfermedades mentales severas. Ella también está especializa en Psicología Forense (prision/correciones, militares, policiales y ramas legales). Igualmente obtuvo una Maestría en Ciencias (M.S.), en Psicología Aplicada. La experiencia de la Dra. Ortiz gira en el área de depresión, ansiedad, trastornos disruptivos, y LGBTQ+. 

También habla inglés y español con fluidez.  

La Dra. Ortiz es veterana de guerra del Ejército de los Estados Unidos. En este entorno, su enfoque era trabajar en la identificación de comportamientos hostiles para inteligencia. Mientras estaba en esta función, la Dra. Ortiz tuvo el privilegio de trabajar con las poblaciones del Medio Oriente, Europa del Este, e hispanos. Este trabajo proporcionó inclusión en una población diversa. 

Bajo supervision, su enfoque incluye Terapia Cognitiva Conductual junto con la inclusión de enfoque con Solución Centrada en el cliente. 



 Office Manager 

Ms. Sherika Norwood, BS, MPH